Devil's Punchbowl

We spotted a hole in the bad weather and spent the weekend driving round the Brecklands in Suffolk searching for images for the Newcastle airspace art project. We skirted round the huge military training area to the north of Thetford, known as STANTA, aware that above our heads was an even bigger danger area extending up to 7500ft.  Finding no material evidence of this (why would there be?), we were quickly diverted to the Devil’s Punchbowl on the southern edge of the firing range.

Almost certainly caused by subsidence in the limestone bedrock this weird geological anomaly looks like a huge impact crater with dramatic concentric rings of vegetation emanating from the centre. In fact, my navigator for the day has a text by a 19th century antiquarian claiming that it was caused by a meteorite which was seen in the skies by many locals at the time. I’m happy to go along with this apocryphal tale if only because it reminds us that extraterrestrial stuff falls through our seemingly regulated skies every day.