Over  a three year period Matthew Flintham has undertaken a photo and videographic study of the military facility of Torås on the island of Tjøme, Norway. The site was established as a naval defensive post in anticipation of a Nazi invasion but was rapidly captured and significantly modified by the invaders. The site was again remodeled during the Cold War against Soviet incursion with a maze of subterranean tunnels blasted into the dramatic Larvikite rock formations that are typical of the region.  Previously closed to civilian islanders the gates were suddenly thrown open in 2007 and the remote base, once almost entirely hidden in the dramatic topography of the island, is now revealed as a unique fusion of landscape, architecture and weapon systems.

Torås Fort I (2013)

Torås Fort II (2013)

Torås Fort III (2013)

Torås Fort IV (2013)

Torås Fort V (2013)

Torås Fort VI (2013)