Ruin of the Kandy Elite

The following images were taken in the district of Maberiyatenna, 20km south-east of the city of Kandy, Sri Lanka. The area has a long history of foreign tourists and ex-pat settlers creating enclaves of luxury developments, hotels and apartments. The lush, tropical hill forests and winding roads are dotted with mid-twentieth century faux colonial-style villas, some of which are in states of acute disrepair and dilapidation, others entirely abandoned to the rigours of the heavy monsoon rains and the scorching sun. Curiously, some of these ruins were never completed, forsaken in a prolonged state of becoming and decay. 

By contrast, the area is currently undergoing a construction boom largely funded by foreign investment, where every new hilltop developments is designed around an infinity pool and double winding staircases. However, the construction processes are slow and many of theses these sites appear to be in a state of premature ruination, where exposed concrete substructures gather lichens and moss, and where concrete lintels and ceilings are supported by complex frameworks of bamboo. Economies go bust and investors pull out, leaving buildings only partially constructed and local labourers wondering what happened.

Tanks 1, (2015)

Tanks 2, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 1, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 2(2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 3, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 4, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 5, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 6, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 7, (2015)

Coconut Hill Ruin 8, (2015)